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Offroad Wheels Australia: Your Ultimate Destination for Offroad Wheels and Accessories

If you are looking for the best offroad wheels and accessories for your truck, SUV, or Jeep, you have come to the right place. Offroad Wheels Australia is your ultimate destination for all your offroad needs. We have a huge range of offroad wheels and accessories to suit any vehicle and any terrain.

We Provide 15-20 Inch Offroad Wheels in Various Sizes and Bolt Patterns

At Offroad Wheels Australia, we have a wide selection of offroad wheels in various sizes, from 15 to 20 inches, and various bolt patterns, such as 5x127, 6x139.7, 6x114.3, 6x135, 5x135, and 5x150. No matter what vehicle you have, we have the perfect fit for you. You can choose from different finishes, such as black, chrome, or bronze, and different styles, such as beadlock, concave, or spoke, to match your personal preference.

We Have More Than 20,000 Offroad Stocks and More Than 800 Different Offroad Style Molds

At Offroad Wheels Australia, we have a huge inventory of offroad wheels and accessories, ready to ship to you. We have more than 20,000 offroad stocks, and more than 800 different offroad style molds. You can browse our online catalog, or visit our showroom to see them in person.We have the latest and most popular models, as well as some classic and vintage ones.

We Support Individual Buyers and Wholesale Buyers

At Offroad Wheels Australia, we support both individual buyers and wholesale buyers. Whether you want to buy one set of wheels, or a bulk order, we can offer you the best prices and service. We also offer free shipping, easy returns, and a lifetime warranty on all our products. You can trust us to deliver quality and satisfaction.


What is Australia’s best-selling pickup truck?

A: According to the latest statistics, Australia’s best-selling pickup truck in 2023 was the Ford Ranger, which had sold nearly 63.3 thousand units. The next most popular pickup truck was the Toyota Hilux 4X4, which had sold approximately 61.1 thousand units.

What are some of the best Australian modification kits for offroad use?

There are many Australian modification kits that can improve your offroad performance, appearance, and functionality. Some of the best Australian modification kits are:

  • Suspension lift kits, to increase your ground clearance and articulation.
  • Bigger tires and wheels, to provide better traction and stability on various terrain.
  • Winches and recovery gear, to help you get out of sticky situations.
  • Skid plates and armor, to protect your vital components from damage.
  • Snorkels and air intakes, to prevent water and dust from entering your engine.

You can find these Australian modification kits and more at Offroad Wheels Australia, where we have a huge selection of offroad parts and accessories.

How long does it take to get offroad wheels and accessories from China to Australia?

The shipping time from China to Australia depends on the shipping method, the destination port, and the customs clearance. Generally, it takes about 25 days to get offroad wheels and accessories from China to Australia by sea freight. However, this may vary depending on the weather, the season, and other factors. If you need your offroad wheels and accessories faster, you can also choose air freight, which takes about 3 to 7 days, but costs more.

Customer reviews

  • We always buy wheels from Challenge, they are good quality and fast delivery5/5 Jack
  • Nice wheels, Challenge wheels have many 15-20 inch 6x139.7 wheels for Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and others pickup5/5 John
  • Many stock and support mix size and design, we order many times and keeps going.5/5 Lucas
  • We have been appreciated the offroad wheels teams, they never let us disappoint, good job!5/5 Carlos
  • The customer service staff's answer is very meticulous, the most important is that the product quality is very good, and packaged carefully, shipped quickly!5/5 Lily
  • Nice design and good finish surface, super support teams, thank you5/5 Motomi
  • A nice supplier in this industry, after a detail and careful discussion, we reached a consensus agreement. Hope that we cooperate smoothly5/5 Frank

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